Green Glamour – Our Eco Friendly Salon

At Strands Salon & Spa, we are deeply committed to helping the environment in multiple ways, making it our mission to combine beauty and self care with sustainability. Our efforts extend far beyond offering exceptional hair and spa services. Here’s a comprehensive look at how we play our part in preserving our planet! 

First and foremost, one of our most innovative initiatives involves reusing the hair clippings from our salon. Instead of letting them go to waste, did you know we collect and send them off to be repurposed into sea booms! These hair-filled booms serve a crucial role in mopping up oil spillages at sea. This ingenious use of discarded hair not only reduces waste but also contributes to the environmental cleanup efforts, making our salon a part of the solution to marine pollution.

Our dedication to recycling doesn’t stop at hair clippings. We ensure that every possible item is recycled within our salon. This includes recycling metal, color tubes, foils, and other materials commonly used in the hair and beauty industry. Our Spa also use and stock Environ products and clients are welcome to return and recycle their empty containers by bringing them into Salon using our purpose built bin! By diverting these items from landfills, we reduce the strain on our environment and conserve valuable resources.

Additionally, we are proud to partner with Aveda, a brand known for its commitment to sustainability. Aveda products’ bottles are thoroughly rinsed down and melted to be repurposed into another form. This closed-loop system minimizes the production of new plastic, thus reducing our carbon footprint. This eco-friendly approach aligns perfectly with our salon’s vision of promoting beauty while being environmentally responsible.

Our commitment to sustainability also extends to our daily operations. We recycle disposable towels which are then burnt and used as an energy source. This not only prevents these towels from ending up in landfills but also reduces our reliance on non-renewable energy sources, contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Beyond our immediate actions, we also proudly support Aveda’s partnership with WaterAid. Every year, Aveda dedicates a month named “Earth Month” to raise awareness and funds for clean water projects worldwide. A portion of the sales during this time goes directly toward providing clean water through the charity WaterAid. By choosing our salon, you become a part of this noble cause, as we actively participate in these initiatives. Furthermore, we are proud to note that Aveda, a branch of the Estée Lauder family, is the first hair and beauty brand to utilize 100% renewable energy in its production processes. By using clean energy sources, we reduce our carbon emissions, making our services not only beautiful but also sustainable.

Lastly, we uphold the highest ethical standards by ensuring that none of our products are tested on animals. Our salon is completely animal cruelty-free and ‘Leaping Bunny Approved’, allowing you to indulge in your treatments with a clear conscience.

We truly believe our salon and spa go above and beyond in our commitment to environmental sustainability. From repurposing hair clippings for oil spill cleanup to recycling materials, supporting clean water initiatives, and using renewable energy sources, we strive to make a positive impact on our planet while providing top-notch beauty services. When you choose our salon, you’re not just enhancing your self care routines; you’re also contributing to a more beautiful and sustainable world.

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