Embracing Self-Care: A Journey with Strands Salon

Today, we sit with Frankee Hearth, a vibrant 36-year-old will writer, residing just around the corner from Strands in Spalding. Balancing a hectic work life and personal commitments, Frankee understands the importance of self-care. In her bustling routine, she finds solace in skincare, recognising its impact, not only on her physical appearance but also on her mental well-being.

Among Frankee’s favourite beauty indulgences is the Environ facial, a unique experience leaving her skin visibly rejuvenated. Singing praises for its efficacy, she recommends it wholeheartedly to anyone seeking a radiant glow and enjoys her sessions with our Spa Therapist, Fran, which she tries to have monthly. However, Frankee’s self-care regimen extends beyond skincare; her hair care holds a special place in her heart too. Refusing to succumb to aging gracefully, she cherishes her blonde colour and vows to keep those pesky greys at bay! Nicole, one of our Senior Designers, takes great care of this for her!

Venturing into Strands almost a year ago on a whim, Frankee stumbled upon more than just a salon and spa. Captured by the exceptional service and warm, friendly atmosphere (her words, not ours!) she has found herself returning time and again. From complimentary massages during hair services to personalised attention by our reception team, Strands offered more than just skin and hair care; it provided a sanctuary for complete rejuvenation.

What sets Strands apart, according to Frankee, is its welcoming environment akin to a family type gathering. Amidst the buzz of activity, the staff radiate happiness and treat each client as an individual, fostering a sense of belonging, rarely found elsewhere.

“I initially came to Strands almost a year ago just to try out a new hairdresser as it was getting harder to go to my previous one. I’m so pleased it was Strands I contacted first because I couldn’t live without their service now. Every time I have my hair done, I’m offered complimentary hand/shoulder massages, drinks, the massage chair when having my hair washed and the staff are so friendly. Sharon always makes time to speak to me as well, which I think is lovely.”

Environ products have become a staple in Frankee’s beauty arsenal, thanks to their transformative effects. While she admits to having no beauty hacks herself, Frankee embraces her adherence to expert advice, following her regimes meticulously.

Transitioning to a new salon can be daunting, especially after years of loyalty elsewhere, Frankee knows this first-hand. Yet, a leap of faith led her to Strands—a decision she cherishes! With its vibrant ambiance and unparalleled service, Strands has become more than just a salon to her; it’s a haven of self-care and relaxation and her time spent here is time she truly enjoys.

“The thing I love most about Strands is the environment. Every time I walk in the salon, it’s such as welcoming vibe. Everyone is always happy (even when super busy) and you’re treated as an individual rather than a number (unlike other salons in the area). It’s a real family vibe. “

In a world where self-care often takes a backseat, Frankee’s journey with Strands serves as a reminder of the transformative power of prioritising oneself. Amidst life’s chaos, carving out moments for self-indulgence can lead to a renewed sense of vitality and well-being! So, why wait? Embrace self-care, and who knows, your own journey with the team here at Strands might just be around the corner, waiting to unfold.

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