Meet the 2023 Strands Team

Strands Salon and Spa is a thriving establishment situated in Spalding. With a local legacy spanning 27 years, it stands as a testament to excellence in hairdressing and beauty! Today, the Salon and Spa are a team of 15 professionals, collectively contributing 400 hours per week to a busy calendar! 

At the helm is Sharon Tear, owner and director, who has nurtured the business since 1996. Her journey began at the age of just 14, when she first embarked on her career in hairdressing. The name “Strands” was derived from her initials, “ST,” infusing a personal touch into the brand’s identity. From humble beginnings, Strands started with just two skilled hairdressers and one beautician. Over time, the team has expanded, and in 2008, the Spa was introduced on the upper floor, elevating the range of services offered.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Aveda Lip Saver, her dog Lola and an endless supply of house special chow mein!

Sophie, one of our senior stylists, balances her role in the Salon with the joys of motherhood. She returned to us recently, part-time, following her second maternity leave and continues to provide exceptional hairdressing expertise! Having been a part of Strands for 11 wonderful years, Sophie’s commitment and experience shine through in all that she does.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Body wash and an endless supply of iced coffee and borritos!

Claire, with over two decades of industry experience, joined the Strands family three years ago now. A mother of two with a wealth of knowledge around all things hairdressing, colouring and styling, her proficiency adds an abundance of expertise to our experienced team!

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Shampoo, white chocolate and teabags!

Similarly, Nicole, another seasoned stylist, mother of three (and self confessed crazy cat lady!) brings more than two decades of experience to the Salon. Her favourite part of the job is hair colouring and Nicole’s skill and dedication have made her an invaluable asset during her two years at Strands.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Her family including her cats, sunglasses and a bell tent (random but sensible)!

Dannii and Courtney further enrich the team’s dynamic. Dannii, a senior stylist with 13 years of experience under her belt, has been with Strands for two years now. Her Friday regulars love how she styles their hair and she’s a dab hand with children’s haircuts too, adapting her styling to suit your child.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: The biggest bag of wotsits she can find, coffee and her puppy!

21-year-old new talent, Courtney, is eager to learn and grow. An enthusiast for hair, Aveda products and creative ideas, she is making her mark after three years with the Salon and already has a jam packed diary which is filling up fast!

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Buster (her dog) mascara and wine!!!!!

Diane, our Spa Manageress with a tenure of an incredible 24 years, is a seasoned pro and specialist in various spa treatments, including Cryopen and Caci facials – offering clients a rejuvenating and VIP experience.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Her husband, her dogs and plenty of Earl Grey tea bags.

Fran, renowned as the lash guru, has been part of Strands for four years. Her expertise in beauty treatments but especially lashes, including LVL lash lifts and individual lash extensions, make her a unique and cherished member of the team.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Her dogs, duvet with a pillow (she thinks this counts as one item!) and her boyfriend.

Emily, our newest trained Spa therapist, excels in nail treatments, especially geleration manicure and pedicures, nail art and our newest addition to our nail services – gel nail extensions! She is known for her efficiency, precision and speed!

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Eyelashes, food and a comfy bed.

Annette, with her substantial experience of an unbelievable 11 years in the beauty industry, contributes her skills across multiple areas, shining in the art of reflexology and intimate waxing.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Pen knife, lighter, crisps and blanket (like Fran, Annette can’t count to three 🙂 she’s great at waxing though)!!

The apprentice duo, Tillie and Millie (not intentional!) bring youthful enthusiasm to Strands. Tillie has been with us for just over one year having enjoyed her time with us on work experience so much. You will spot her on a Saturday in the Spa as a Spa Apprentice.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Moisturiser, her dog and a pillow.

Millie, new to beauty and the Salon world, is quickly adapting to the industry under the guidance of the rest of the team, she has been with us for a few months now and similar to Tillie, is a budding and enthusiastic Spa Apprentice.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Malibu, hot chocolate and false eyelashes.

Kerry, having recently joined the Strands Spa team, has nine years experience in the beauty and self care industry. We will be offering a superb ‘Back to School: Back to Spa” promo with her over the next few weeks to welcome her to the gang, so keep your eyes peeled for fab offers!

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Chocolate, tea bags and a nail file!

Donna and Sam, the glamorous friendly faces behind the reception desk, are adept at multitasking and cherish the opportunity to meet and greet clients, including the regulars who are part of the Strands family! Between them they have been with us for seven years.

Donna’s Three Desert Island Must Haves: Foot relief, pina colada and a sun hat.

Sam’s Three Desert Island Must Haves: Mirror, stainless steel bowl and an ‘Oodie’ (if you know, you know)!

Last but not least, Chelsea, our new Marketing Manager, is a recent addition to our team. Balancing her role with part-time reception duties twice a week, she manages the Salon’s social media presence and marketing strategies, embracing the challenge wholeheartedly.

Three Desert Island Must Haves: Endless supply of orange juice and cheese, mobile phone!

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