Shining Stars! Our Christmas Giveaway Winners and their heartwarming stories

This Christmas season, our annual giveaway took a heartwarming turn as we embraced the spirit of giving in a pretty unique way! Rather than a conventional competition, we asked people to nominate someone they believed deserved a special treat. The result was a collection of touching stories that captured the essence of the Christmas season.

NATALIE – Nominated for her selfless charity work with dogs

Gemma nominated her best friend Natalie, a devoted local lady who does plenty of charity work with dogs. When we contacted Natalie to tell her she’d won and asked her to tell us more she said;

“It all started when I rescued my doggie from Romania nearly five years ago. A lovely lady I consider as family (who never asks for anything) has up to 300 dogs that she tries her best to feed and medicate. I wondered what I could do to help and tried making homemade dog biscuits, which have been a success amongst the doggies and I send the funds across to her. She is always so grateful as she doesn’t get a lot of help and because of that I like to do all that I can, from homemade baileys fudge to sell for donations to home made dog biscuits. I like to send her a parcel at Christmas with things she considers a luxury such as coffee and Cadbury’s chocolate and toys for the dogs. 

I have recently rescued a 3 legged dog called monty from Azerbaijan who was sadly used as a bait dog in dog fights and I just fell in love with him. The charity is called ‘the desperate dogs of Azerbaijan’ where conditions are horrific and he’s now been with me two months and about ready to enjoy his first Christmas. I try to do this around my shifts, as I work part time with St Barnabas who provide nursing care at patient’s homes requiring palliative and end of life care, so this treatment I know will be very much appreciated indeed!” 

As a gesture of appreciation, Natalie received a luxurious full-body lava shell massage, all thanks to Gemma for nominating her. This prize, performed by Fran, a fellow dog lover and rescuer, was truly deserved! 

Fran and Natalie after her full body lava shell massage

RACHEL – Nominated for being an outstanding teacher

Laura, recognising her sister, Rachel’s, dedication as a teacher and impact on children’s lives, nominated her for a wonderfully relaxing manicure and pedicure. However, in a beautiful twist of sisterly love, instead they BOTH opted solely for pedicures to enjoy quality time together, as Rachel wanted to gift it back!! Now that’s true Sisterhood! Rachel said about her job;

“I teach Reception/Year 1 at a local primary school and have been teaching for nearly 12 years now. I got into the job by spending time in a school as a teaching assistant first, then decided to train part time at university to become a teacher. It’s a very busy job and takes up all my time, but I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Laura described her as a selfless sister and teacher, the best one you’ll get! “Plus she spends all of her spare time and own money on resources for school! She will only give those children the best and uses all of her Saturdays and Sundays planning and ensuring those kids have everything they need and more. I’m so proud to call her my sister and more than that, she’s also my best friend.”

We can’t wait to meet them both in a few weeks for their pamper time!

RACHEL – Nominated for her incredible work in the Ambulance Service

The third prize, an advanced Environ facial with proven scientific benefits, went to our lovely client, Stacey’s, sister-in-law, following her fabulous nomination! Unfortunately, as she lives out of the area, she was unable to make it back to claim her prize, leading to a generous decision to donate it back! Rachel, nominated by her sister Sarah, for her tireless work with the ambulance service, emerged as the second (and may we add) very worthy, recipient! Rachel is an emergency medical technician within the ambulance service, working in central Cambridge, who rarely gets time for a pamper. She’s been doing this taxing and tiring, yet exceptionally rewarding job, for four years now. Sarah nominated her because of the work she does and the long 12 hour shifts, working both days and nights. She also nominated her due to working over the entire Christmas period, so she really deserved a special treat! Her facial is due at the start of February, when she’ll be enjoying some much needed time off work. We look forward to welcoming her to the our Spa!

KELLY – Nominated for being an unbelievable carer

Last, but certainly not least, Kelly, acknowledged by her mother for her selfless, caregiving role, won £100 worth of hair services with Nicole, one of our experienced and very skilled stylists. Her experience included a refreshing colour treatment, Aveda repair session using the Botanicals treatment cream and a luxurious blow dry and straighten, leaving her elated! Her mum said;

“Kelly is a carer and she works very well with the patients! She works the type of hours where she doesn’t get to put her younger ones to bed, only on odd nights! Kelly is my only daughter and I would not swap my job for hers! She’s simply at her best looking after someone’s parents or someone’s grandparents.” 

Kelly’s hair BEFORE
Kelly’s hair AFTER

Meeting our worthy winners has allowed us to delve into their stories and get to know them a bit better, understanding the depth of their impact and why they were chosen by their loved ones. This unconventional but truly touching giveaway with a difference, proved to be a refreshing departure from the norm, highlighting the true meaning of the Christmas season – spreading joy and appreciation! 

A huge ‘Congratulations’ again to all of our winners and thank you to those who took the time to nominate and take part, we truly appreciate it!

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