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  • 02

    Embracing Self-Care: A Journey with Strands Salon

    Today, we sit with Frankee Hearth, a vibrant 36-year-old will writer, residing just around the corner from Strands in Spalding. Balancing a hectic work life and personal commitments, Frankee...

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  • 26

    GHD Chronos has arrived!

    Introducing the revolutionary GHD Chronos tool – hailed by our hairdressers as the epitome of hairstyling excellence! The latest in hair tools technology, the GHD Chronos produces high definition...

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  • 29

    Shining Stars! Our Christmas Giveaway Winners and their heartwarming stories

    This Christmas season, our annual giveaway took a heartwarming turn as we embraced the spirit of giving in a pretty unique way! Rather than a conventional competition, we asked...

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  • 31

    Out with the old, in with the new!

    This year, the burden of a soaring cost of living crisis for our country has weighed heavily, affecting our clients, staff, small businesses and in particular, self care, ‘luxury’...

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  • 27

    Countdown to Christmas!

    The holiday season is almost upon us, and in the world of hair and beauty salons, it’s definitely the most wonderful but busiest time of the year! As the...

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  • 09

    Green Glamour – Our Eco Friendly Salon

    At Strands Salon & Spa, we are deeply committed to helping the environment in multiple ways, making it our mission to combine beauty and self care with sustainability. Our...

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  • 08

    Meet the 2023 Strands Team

    Strands Salon and Spa is a thriving establishment situated in Spalding. With a local legacy spanning 27 years, it stands as a testament to excellence in hairdressing and beauty!...

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  • 21

    Mega White DIY Teeth Whitening

    Introducing the Mega White DIY Teeth Whitening Cartridge, a cutting-edge dental solution recommended by dentists! This product boasts a non-peroxide, exclusive global formula that delivers instant and incredible results,...

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  • Aveda Spalding Dannii

    Aveda Pure Colour Master

    Some of you may have noticed that Dannii has been missing from the salon a little bit this month – this is because she has been on a very...

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  • 03

    Meet Chloe

    Chloe joined the salon in March 2018, starting out as a shy, quiet Saturday girl, struggling to make conversation. With each week that passed, she started to recognise regular...

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