Experiment with Autumn/Winter Trends

Following professional hair and beauty trends is one of our favourite things to do at the salon and now we have a platform to share those with you.

Following inspiration from catwalk designers such as Emilia Weickstead and Longchamp, this season is all about the low-slung ponytail. This look is relatively easy to create but the focus is really on the shine and smoothness of your hair.

How to Get This Look:

  • 1/ Prepare your hair with a great prep styling product, we recommend Aveda’s confixor for hold and smooth infusion nourishing crème to control and tame frizz.
  • 2/ Section your hair and dry using a paddle brush, use smaller sections if needed and draw the hair down from root to tip to achieve a poker straight finish.
  • 3/ Bring your side parting down really low to form a strong angle from the corner of the eye. Use side clips and the edge of your fingers to create a slight wave down one side of the parting. This is what will make your look stand out more.
  • 4/ For the back create a really straight low textured ponytail. Finish off the style with a medium to firm hold hair spray.

Other teams such as GHD & Wella professionals created strong yet natural looks. Windswept waves and delicately braided hair moving away from partings. Also sculpted waves around hairlines and parting using gel to create a sleek wet look were also big trends on the cat walk.

Styling tools such as the new Rise hot brush from GHD and Babyliss iconic stylers are great additions to your hair collection to create these fashionable looks.

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