Share some LOVE this Valentines.

Valentines is upon us and many of us will be making alternative plans to what we are normally use to, be it a weekend break, romantic meals and gifts. What a shame it is!! This Valentine will more than likely be a takeaway and few drinks in front of the tv for many I’m sure!!

Everyone enjoys being appreciated, but during this lockdown we feel it’s especially important to share some love and appreciation to those who we care about. The simple gift of giving can offer such joy and a lifelong memory. Let us share with you some simple pampering treats you can offer to a loved one to make them feel extra special and loved!! Make a pamper basket up and set the scene….

Home Spa day essentials

  • Spark some joy, make your home smell amazing with some scented candles in your home. Chose a relaxing aroma to really help your loved one to de-stress and relax.
  • Make a spa like atmosphere by running a hot bath, we recommend using Aveda Stress Fix bath salts. Nothing beats having someone else make the effort for you to have some relaxation time. Get them to take in deep calming breaths while soaking away.
  • A hair masque, yes that’s right!! Give them a hair repair rescue masque to leave in their hair while enjoying a bath. We recommend Avedas Botanical Repair mask, this leaves the hair feeling just amazing.
  • Heal and soothe those feet and melt away any stress with a foot massage. Avedas foot relief with jojoba oil will leave them feeling the softest they have ever felt.
  • Use an aroma oil like Avedas stress fix to massage into the shoulders, arms and neck. Place a small amount of oil on the inside of each wrist to inhale and exhale, this will help your love one to truly relax while enjoying the massage.
  • A new pot of body moisturiser will go down a treat after that bath. Stress fix body lotion will hydrate and leave the skin feeling silky smooth.
  • Dont forget the Wine or Prosecco!!

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