Winter Well-being

Nutrients to Nurture

With summer now a distant memory and the temperature outside getting cooler by the day, it’s more important than ever that you ensure you are taking extra care of yourself.

During the winter months our overall health and well being can be more challenging. As a result we may feel a gradual decline in our energy and endurance levels. But is it just be because of the change in weather that makes us feel this way and why?

Many people find their body’s start to stiffen up and joint pain worsens during the colder weather, our skin can become dryer and more sensitive. Our hair lacks lustre, shine and volume.

In addition to the classic winter effects our immune system and cardiovascular system have to work a lot harder during the colder months, requiring more energy. These changes all have a knock on effect on our body, well-being and skin.

Our Advice is;

Keep on moving

You may feel like snuggling up in the warm but keep up with your normal exercise routine, daily walks or regular holistic therapies for example reflexology and massage.

Get your zen on and make extra me time

Try introducing more relaxation time into your weekly routine, a warm bath with soothing salts and lots of steam, aroma diffusers and candles can really help to relax and sooth you. Meditation and yoga can be less high impact exercise if your body energy levels are low.

Prioritise your Zzzzzzz

Its importance to get lots of sleep all year round but especially in the winter so our body has more time to regenerate and heel, ready for a new day. Lavender aroma’s can help to relax you and improve your sleep.

Supplement the lack of sunlight your getting with extra Vit D

With the lack of sunshine our vitamin D intake decreases so making sure we continue to get our recommended daily allowance, take supplements during the winter months to keep boosted. A multivitamin supplement will help but always check the level of Vitamin D, you may need to double up and take an additional vit d.

Change your skin care to suit your skins needs

Your skin is going to need a thicker richer moisturiser in the winter to that of summer months and use extra body oil or lotion. Just because we are covered up more during the winter months doesn’t mean we should let our bodys go without the essential moisture it needs.

Don’t forget those poor feet

They love the summer as they get treated like royalty in comparison to the winter months, when they are then cramped inside boots and sweating in thick socks. Luxury pedicures with hot paraffin wax can help soothe aching feet.

At Strands we can offer you the opportunity to have a winter wellness consultation. We can then assess what treatments, products and supplements could benefit you and your health during winter. Alternatively why not book in for our Winter Wellness package.

Winter Wellness Package Offer

Let the winter blues melt away with a combination of warm stones and massage techniques to hydrate your skin whilst relieving stress and tension. Fall deeper into relaxation with a hot oil application to the scalp and Indian head massage techniques, rebalancing your bodies energies. Book this package in December and receive a half price voucher for a massage in January. Contact our reception team for more information.

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