Masks off-Lets Make Up!

Mother’s Day will soon be approaching, and we’re all looking for that perfect gift.
However, obviously it would be good to know when exactly Mother’s Day is, as the
date changes each year and it could catch you out. It all revolves around when Easter is in the UK which is different each year as it is determined by the lunar calendar.

Mother’s Day always falls on the fourth Sunday during the period of Lent – or three
weeks before Easter Sunday, when people typically give up things like certain
foods, or bad habits for the days leading up to Easter. Easter Sunday will take place
a few weeks later on Sunday, April 17. Once the date of Easter has been worked
out then the dates of Lent, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), Ash Wednesday and
Mother’s Day can all be allocated in the calendar.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and after spending the past couple of Mother’s
Days over Zoom, we finally get to do it in real life. Mother’s Day will fall on Sunday, March 27 this year and will be markedly different from the Mother’s Day’s of the last two years, as no coronavirus restrictions are in place. In 2020 and 2021, the UK was in the grip of coronavirus – with last year
restrictions still in place, and 2020 taking place the day before the UK went into its first lockdown on Monday, March 23.

After two years of uncertainty, our ability to travel and resume our social lives is
looking pretty optimistic and it means we may be able to go all out for all the special
occasions we have coming up. From milestone birthdays to national holidays,
putting effort into these yearly celebrations is definitely on people’s minds as we all
plan to step out and show ourselves this year – and right now, our mothers are at
the top of our priority list.

With lots of gift ideas from flowers, cards and chocolates, going out for lunch must
be one of the most popular events to treat mum to? A well earned step away from
the kitchen, even if it is just for one day. Mum will need to be ready to go all out!
We’re all different, but equally we all like to have the time to get ready for such
occasions, Hair, Nails, a nice soak in the bath maybe and not forgetting our make-
up. With the announcement of covid restrictions and removal of face masks we are
starting to reach for those make-up bags. What has the last two years does to
yours? With a broken eye pencil and dried up mascara, I know where my wages
are going this week.

Our professional Jane Iredale make-up brand hasn’t been idle over the pandemic,
launching new eyeshadow palettes and 13 lip plumping Hydropure lip glosses to
pout that perfect smile. So if you are looking for that perfect gift pop in and see what
we have in store. Gifts from as little as £9 we can find something for all budgets.
Gift vouchers readily available to purchase from the salon or as an E-Gift from our

Make Mums day extra special with our March promotion, this is open to Mum or
someone special for the whole of March. Making them comfortable in our new
luxury massage chairs they’ll receive a scalp or hair treatment using hot towels,
followed by a hair wash and hand massage. Whilst sipping on a glass of fizz and
indulging in cake the stylist will then blow dry and style the hair. One of our beauty
therapists will then compliment the look with a finishing touch using our Jane
Iredale make-up. Mum will be in her element.

So to the Mums who are having an extra tough Mother’s Day this year because it’s
the first one since; or it’s the tenth one since and you thought it would be easier by
now. To the someday-mums who are still waiting for their turn. To the mums who
feel like they’re drowning and to the ones who have it all together. To the mums
whose babies live far away, to the ones whose babies are sleeping in the other
room, and to the ones whose babies seem to never ever sleep. Wherever you
Happy Mothers Day xx

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