HOT HOT HOT – Fancy a summer holiday?

July is UV awareness month and while we are all in a panic to jet away on a plane or soaking up the extra rays at home, we need to ensure we are informing ourselves on everything we need to do to protect our skin from UV to blue light! The most common skin problem for men and women is sun damage – the fact is that the sun is slowly destroying our skins every day. Most sun damage is a result of exposure to sunlight on a daily basis, e.g. shopping, driving, gardening, relaxing or walking outside. Since launching the world’s first sun protection formulation combining powerful sun filters and potent antioxidant vitamins, Environ’s unique scientific approach to sun care has remained the same.

Environ has always promoted safe, effective daily protection, and by protection, we mean broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection that works synergistically with the replacement of the vitamins that are damaged by sunlight.

Therefore, Environ’s RAD SPF15 is highly regarded and recommended by skincare professionals and medical professionals around the world. Rad SPF15 is a revolutionary industry-leading formulation that contains a combination of sun reflectors and absorbers in combination with antioxidants.
When looking for an SPF that has UVA protection it must state Broad Spectrum on the packaging.The SPF 15 number only refers to the protection of UVB rays and the number is the length of time. 

Blue Light
We have increased our exposure to Blue Light over the years with devices/ laptops and mobile phones however most blue light we are exposed to is from the sun. Blue light can increase pigmentation even more so then UVB rays.Blue light stimulates triggers in the skin that causes oxidative damage such as inflammation and collagen and elastic breakdown.
So this summer, get outside and get active, but do so safely. Avoid peak sun exposure times, always wear sunglasses and a hat, and cover-up with the sunscreen. We all love the long days of summer, but we love our health more. Stay safe this summer.
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