Do you have thinning hair or worried about hair loss? 

Throughout August, National Hair Loss Awareness Month gets to the root of an issue affecting both men and women. Hair loss affects approximately 56 million adults. While this appears more in men, women and children are not immune.

Thinning hair is difficult to style, and the process of covering the thin spots causes frustration and we feel self-conscious, while it may seem vain, it’s not. When our hair looks good, we feel good!

While many myths surround hair loss, it’s important to know there is help. In many cases, genetics plays a significant role, and often, hair loss is a normal part of ageing. Other causes include:

Medical Treatments
Styling practices

Depending on the cause, there may be treatments. Even if there isn’t a medical solution, a cosmetic one may be available instead. Aveda’s Invati Advanced 3 step system is a great way to start and throughout the month here at Strands we are offering a half price offer. Using the shampoo to exfoliate and purify the scalp, conditioner to instantly thicken and a scalp revitaliser to help reduce hair loss due to breakage, its the perfect time to start you hair recovery journey. 

Our salon Director Sharon has recently been on a Trichology Hair loss course in London and has lots of advice and tips to help with this too, so she’s on hand to talk to you. However, it’s important to remember that it is normal to lose hair, on average we can lose between 50 and 150 hairs a day, often without noticing. Be gentle when brushing or combing and if you tie your hair up make sure you have the correct accessories, elastic bands are a big NO NO in the hairdressing world as they can cause splitting and breakage. Shampooing the hair may also seem an easy thing to do but again there is a right and wrong way of doing this. Not enough and the scalp can become congested and too much can be too stressful for fine hair, so find your happy medium. 

Don’t give up on fuller hair, seek a solution that works for you. If you think medical reasons cause your hair loss, speak with your Dr and ask what options are available for you.

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